Upper Body Workout for Men

upper body workout for men

Nothing is sexier than having the strong and well chiselled upper body of a man! Girls swoon over it like nothing else can. There are so many exercises that you can induce into your day-to-day life to get that dreamy upper figure. Here is a list of some upper body circuit workout for men that are sure to help build your figure for which a woman would die for.

Check Out This Effective Upper Body Workout

The only way one can build the shape of the muscle the way he wants is by working hard for it. Go through the below listed upper body workout for men to get that dream muscle building.

1. Push-Ups

When it comes to building that killer muscles, push up is an ultimate drill everyone starts with. This movement involves lying down on the floor with hands and legs a little wider than your shoulders’ width. Now, push yourself downward until the whole figure is hovering a few inches from the ground. Go back to the original position. All the while, make sure to hold the muscles tightly and keep the back straight.

2. Bench Presses

One of the most common upper body workouts for men is this. For this drilling movement, you need to be lying on a bench. Hold a bar in the hands. You can even use dumbbells. Now, pull the dumbbells or bar close to the chest. Make sure to hold those abs and glutes tightly. Put pressure on the ground with the feet and at the same time, push the bar up.

3. Overhead Press

Stand straight in the squat cage. Now, hold on to the bar, which you have set up in the cage for your workout. Grab it such that it is at a shoulder length. Take the bar in the hands and out of the cage, and squeeze it in the hand such that the muscles are also tightly held. Now, push the bar over the head and straighten your arms. Go back to the original position and repeat.

4. Push Press

Stand straight and tall holding a bar. Make sure the hands on the bar are at a distance similar to shoulder length. Now, push the bar straight up over the head such that whole hands are straight. Now bend yourself at the knees and lower that body slowly downwards.

While you are at it, don’t lean forward. Stay in that position for a few seconds before straightening up. Lower the bar to the shoulder and repeat the same again.

5. Clean and Press

The ultimate upper body workout routine for men at gym cannot go about without this workout. Again this exertion involves a bar. Place a bar in front of you on the ground. Stand straight and tall and make sure the feet are as far as shoulder length goes. Bend your body at the hips and making sure that whole torso bends forward, grab the bar lying on the ground.

Slowly lift it and when it is just above the knees, jump and release the bar off the hands in such a way that it raises by the momentum and you can hold it back at the shoulder length. Straighten up and tighten abs and lift the bar above the head straight up.


No matter what kind of figure one has got at the moment, if you want to build the muscles and body in the upper part, you must work hard for it. Nothing is achieved overnight. You may even have to sacrifice those favorite foods. But, nobody has to worry too much. With a perfect upper body workout routine for men involving the above exercises, nothing can stop anyone from achieving the impossible!