Leptin Diets

leptin diets

Perhaps before now, you were wondering: What is leptin diet? Fair enough, what comes to your mind when you hear the word, Leptin diets? Of course, it should be food. What else can it possibly be? But then, there is more to it. You probably haven’t heard of it before, have you? Well, for those who have not, it is the product of board-certified clinical nutritionist Bryon J. Richards.

Just before going into that the detail, some background information will help you have a good grasp of what this subject is really about. That said, a supplement of Richards’ company, Wellness Resources, leptin diet has become a subject of debate and research since it gained traction. But then, behind the product, there is a natural catalyst, which informed its formulation in the first place.  

Discovered in 1994, leptin is a hormone that is originally produced by fat tissues in the human body. Essentially, these hormones are generated in fat cells in the human body to enable the body send a signal to the human brain that you are full whenever you eat. In other words, leptin helps you to understand that you may just be consuming more food than you need when you get to a particular limit. This means that it typically works as a hunger regulator.

With respect to the diets, they are naturally formulated pills that play a pivotal role in reducing your craving for food, thus leading to massive weight loss or gain, depending on the prevailing condition. However, the supplement has come under heavy criticisms in recent times as there isn’t enough study to support the fact that it can influence the hormone. So in this article, you will get to learn more about how it works, relevant studies and how we draw the conclusion.

What Do Researchers Say About Leptin Diets?

Do you made a leptin diet meal plan just so you change your outward body appearance? The studies conducted to support or refute the practice will surprise you. Well, researchers have had to analyze its content on countless number of occasions just to better grasp its efficacy.

What’s more, they have tried to understand how possible it is that the supplement is capable of initiating the loss of weight in people. Apart from stimulating weight loss in people, they sought to investigate if it can also catalyze the process of developing obesity and weight gain among users.

When it was tested on mice, medical health experts published their findings. According to this publication, dieting has negative impact on the production of leptin in rodents. As a matter of fact, it usually culminates in significant drops. In a nutshell, this study suggests that that dieting helps in weight reduction. In a sharp contrast, another study revealed that the level of leptin has no effect on obesity in mice.

From the foregoing, one can deduce that there is no credible research that buttresses or refutes the claims that having the hormone in dietary formulation can potentially alter its levels in the body. Although this has been the debate for a while now, people are defiantly turning to leptin diet foods to change their physique.

For nearly three decades, how the hormones work has become public knowledge. Basically, it sends signals to your brain to inform it that the human body has enough stored fat. When this happens, the implications are just enormous. For instance, these signals help to burn the calories in your body, prevents gluttony, and considerably curtails your appetite.

Conversely, when there is demand for food in the body (hunger), the same hormone sends signals to the brain to alert it of the need to make you eat. Consequently, you have hunger, resulting in the craving for food. For many experts out there, there is no better phrase to tag leptin other than starvation or hunger hormone.

In a nutshell, its core function is to regulate when and how you eat. By doing so, you can either become obsess or lanky. Hence, many people prepare leptin diet plan just to alter their craving for food.

Understanding Leptin Diets Resistance

As you have read to this point, one question that you probably will have in mind is, is there anything like leptin resistance diet plan? Now, here’s how experts answer the question. If you have plenty of the food in your body, the hormone signals your brain that you already have enough energy for working and doing other things.

As a result, you will have to stop eating. However, when people are obsess, it doesn’t work like that. In this set of people, studies have shown that they potentially have more leptin in their bodies than usual.

So, resistance can only occur when the human body refuses to acknowledge the signal from the hormone. In clear terms, when there is resistance, it means that the brain doesn’t recognize the signals it receives from the hunger regulator, which entails that you will continue eating. On the other hand, when it has to do with loss of weight, plenty of the hormones is not actually the key thing.

The most important factor is the capacity of your brain to properly interpret the crucial messages from the hunger-regulator. By and large, the supplement that you eat rarely has any significant impact on how the hunger regulator works.

The Formulating the Supplement 

According to research finding, there are a number of leptin supplements on the markets. But this study also shows that most of these so-called natural pills don’t actually work. So, the next time you see such pills, you may want to be sure it does something else apart from playing the role of hunger regulation.

This is particularly true because, as we identified earlier, there hasn’t been any strong evidence to support the unfounded claims that the natural pills do the work of the hormones.

If you are looking to draw up a leptin diet sample menu, what you wish to achieve still remains unclear to us because you are already aware that most of its supplements you see in stores and on the market do not work. So, you should be guided.

Funnily enough, when you go to some people’s homes, you will see a leptin diet food list. Again, we all know what those people seek to achieve. However, if it is achievable it is a talk for another day. Don’t get it twisted, we will reaffirm that medical scientists say that most of the products on the market don’t work. They didn’t say that none of them does.

In one of the studies, the African mango was the specimen of the research. The findings show that the fruit is capable of reducing people’s weight and waist. While this sounds positive to those looking to influence their leptin with natural foods, a need exists for further research to be initiated to support or disprove the findings of the existing study.


So far, we have been able to establish that there isn’t enough evidence that natural pills are capable of altering the hunger regulator. However, if you must naturally influence yours, there are a number of activities that you can get involved in to make that happen aside using the leptin diet. So, some of these activities include:

  • Revving up your physical activity
  • Reducing your sugar and beverage in-takes
  • Eating more of fish and high-fiber cereals
  • Getting enough sleep at night
  • Curtailing your blood triglycerides.

Evidently, the watchword here is that you should exercise better and improve your diets. When you do that, chances are that you can potentially alter your leptin just the way you wish to have it – the natural way. So, it is time to start preparing your leptin diet recipes the right way and stop depending on some pills to make the difference.

More importantly, there is a caveat here: It is not in our place to condemn the supplements on the market, but we are basing our argument on research findings. So, if you think that the naturally formulated pills work for you, don’t hesitate to come forward and share your thoughts with us.