Lap Band Diet

lap band diet

There are a number of things you can do to lose weight, but when it comes to extreme cases, you may have to take extreme measures. One of such extreme measures is undergoing surgical treatment for obesity known as gastric banding, lap banding, or bariatric surgery. This procedure is so interesting that Dr Nowzaradan, a specialist in vascular and bariatric surgeries, made a TV career out of showing what procedures are involved in getting an overly obese person to lose weight through exercise, diet, and surgery.

A patient is expected to lose weight up to an extent before going in for the surgery, after which he or she is placed on a lap band diet, amidst other things. This will help the patient lose weight some more and maintain a healthy size eventually.

Tips to Help You Get Through a Lap Band Diet

What you eat before and after a weight loss surgery matters a lot. This medical procedure makes it easier to control your body weight, but you also have to put in some efforts by sticking to the required calorie count. In essence, your post op diet can serve as your lap band pre op diet too. We’re going to take a look at a proper one-day meal plan recommended for anyone who might be recovering from a weight loss surgery, but before that let’s take a look at what tips you can apply to help you get through with it.

  • Prepare for your meals

You think you’re having a tough time deciding what to eat for dinner every night as an adult? Well, try the lap band diets where you’re required to meticulously plan each and every meal. These plans do not usually start and end at mealtimes. Sometimes, the plan for what to eat on a Saturday night might have been in motion 4 to 5 days before or even more.

People who have experienced a weight loss surgery procedure believe that if you’re not prepared for your specific meals beforehand, the more apt you are to fail at sticking to it. gather your ingredients before time, prepare your meals at spare times, or get someone beforehand to do them for you. All you have to do is to et them when you need them.

  • Stay active

Cutting down your meal portion each time you have to eat is a great way to stay in track with your lap band diet menu or any weight loss plan, but you’re going to enjoy better results if you stay active. You can cultivate a day-to-day active lifestyle at home and at work, go to the gym, or workout in a park close by. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re combining your diet with some form of physical activity.

  • Self-control

Never reward yourself with food. If you’re feeling fulfilled over an accomplishment, you can reward yourself with anything other than food. This will help you to change the way you think about food and stick to only foods that are recommended in the lap band diet plan.

Another way to look at this is to think of food as a necessity and not a delight. It is meant to nourish your body and nothing more. Sever all ties you may have about food being a plan you can always default to. Eat only when necessary, and according to the plan.

  • Make it a lifestyle

If you follow through with a lap-band surgery diet you would definitely see great results in the form of weight loss, a boost in your confidence, and better health. What about making it a lifestyle? That means you’ll forever stan in great shape, continually build your confidence, and live a better and healthy life. That’s something!

One-Day Lap Band Meal Plan

From a more personal point of view, some people prefer to eat the same foods every time. This is to help them save some time and stick to the plan too. The following is a sample of a one-day weight loss menu for people who may want to get under the knife. It can also serve as a lap band pre-op diet.

  •  Breakfast

Smoothie with ½ banana, ½ cup almond milk, 2 tablespoons Powdered Peanut Butter, Vanilla Protein Powder (220 calories, 21 grams protein)

  • Snack 1

Vanilla Cappuccino (90 calories, 15 grams protein)

  • Lunch

Mini protein pizzas on with ¼ cup pizza sauce and 1 ounce mozzarella on Rusk Protein Bread with any veggie toppings 1 medium pear (330 calories, 23 grams protein)

  • Snack 2

Protein Potato Chips (130 calories, 10 grams protein)

  • Dinner

Vegetable Chili with Beans with 1 ounce melted cheddar, 1 cup steamed cauliflower (250 calories, 23 grams protein)

  • Dessert

½ cup non-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon (90 calories, 14 grams protein)

Totals: 1110 calories, 106 grams protein

From this menu, you can see that it is never a healthy option to starve yourself because you want to lose weight. Here is a lap band surgery diet menu for obese people, and it says to serve them 6 meals per day.

Other Things to Take Note

You must not go through a weight loss surgery before you can adopt this plan. You do not need to be overly obese either. If you are scared of surgery, you can actually get into shape with the help of dieting and exercise. Talking of which, there is no way around working out in this case. Even if you’re going into the theatre to “automatically” burn off the excess fats, you will still be placed on a lap band pre-op diet and exercise to get you to lose some weight before it’s safe for you to get under the knife.