Military Diet Plan

military diet plan

What comes to your mind when you hear military diet plan? Perhaps you will be thinking that it is a calculated attempt to show you what the military eats in their barracks in order for you join them. Is that what it really is? Not in the slightest! Just before we walk you through that, there are certain things you need to know.

You see, having an attractive body is becoming the in-thing in the world today. While the guys strive to have six-pack physique, the ladies, on the other hand, sign up at the gym facilitates just to have a great body. These things have become a norm for everyday people, making them to continuously look for ways to achieve the desired result even faster.

In some quarters, people believe that one of the ways of making that happen within the shortest possible time is by adapting to the military diet plan menu. But is it? You will find out shortly.

What is a Military Diet Plan?  

According to its proponents, the military diet is currently one of the very popular dietary plans in the world because it is capable of making the takers lose weight within the shortest possible time. Well, when someone takes it routinely, they are capable of losing up to 4.5kg in one week.

The plan, which is also known as a 3-day meal plan, is always followed by four days off meal, and the cycle is performed repeatedly until the desired result is achieved. Although some people say that the concept was adopted from the United States military, a close look at the military diet plan shows that it has absolutely nothing to do with the US army. But how does it work? Well, we will put that in context.

How Does It Work?

If you observe a typical military diet meal plan, you will understand that the first three days entail eating a particular low-calorie diet in the morning, afternoon and night. While you are following this routine, you must avoid the consumption of snacks in between.

On a particular phase, you will have to consume about 1,100-1,400 calorie every day. While this is much lower than what is expected of an adult to take in a day, you can use a special calculating device to keep track of your dietary intake.

When you are done observing the three-day ritual, the remaining four days entail eating healthily. Proponents of this program insist that when you continue to stick to this plan, you will definitely achieve that positive result within a short period of time.


More often than not, people have wondered if this is actually based on evidence or mere hearsay. As a result, experts have had to launch study into it to either support or refute the efficacy of the program. According to the findings of this research, an average person is likely to shed some weight after restricting himself from calories. The rule of thumb is, if you have more calories entering your fat tissue than leaving it, you are likely going to lose weight.

On top of that, the advocates insist that the food combinations work perfectly when it is followed to the letter. They noted that certain combinations that form a part of the plan cause increase in metabolism and fat burn.

However, there is no study that supports these claims. Although green tea and coffee contain compounds that can ramp up metabolism, there are no known food combinations that can achieve the same result. It should be pointed out, however, that most of the foods that are used for this program are low in carbohydrate and protein. Well, the loss of weight is possible for overweight people who do not take too much calories.

Basically, the reason is as a result of loss of water and not necessarily fat. Water weight drops when the store of glycogen in the body also diminishes. Well, this is often the case when you avoid carbohydrate and calories. These days, more and more people use the military diet and exercise plan in the hopes of getting the best result. Again, this program remains a subject of debate.