Banana Diet

banana diet

While on a weight losing spree, people are also going on a diet comprising mainly bananas – the banana diet. The regimen is quite strict with the food you have, and there have been a lot of rave reviews that it allows you to lose a lot of weight very fast. So, it’s mainly bananas that you will be eating all day. It seems that it is also growing in popularity with every passing day.

If you have an important event; like a wedding coming up, it is one of the best solutions for your weight loss spree. People have been losing kilos of weight in a matter of a few days only. It was initially developed for diabetics only; now it has gained in popularity and now is one of the extreme fad diets that are gaining popularity.

However, it is always suggested that patrons take the advise of their respective doctors before going for this diet. In this article, we will learn more about the bananas diet.

What Can We Have for Banana Diet?

As the name suggests, we will need to have mostly bananas as part of the diet regimen. Bananas, anyways, have a lot of calories and is nourishing also. Those patrons who are on this diet are required to have bananas only for breakfast. There are no restrictions on the number that you can have, but it is suggested that you should keep it within limits and do not go overboard. It can only be washed down with some milk. Sounds refreshing already.

And, for fluids, you need to have only water for the remainder of the day — no other beverages. There is a lot of restriction on the types of food that you can have in the banana only diet. For lunch, apart from bananas, you can only have some salads. That too, in moderation! The snacks need to be done with bananas also. You can finish the day with a very low-calorie dinner.

There are some restrictions, as well. The plan states that dinner needs to be had the latest by 8 pm and people should be in their beds by midnight. While this may make your ordinary schedule go haywire, you may have your tweaks in the dietary regimen.

Pros and Cons of the Diet Regimen

People always ask is that is bananas good for diet. We know that bananas have a lot of nutritional value. They are rich in a lot of vitamins like B6 and C. it also has a few proteins. It also has a lot of fibre. In a way, it resists breakdown and pulls along other food materials along with it.

No wonder dieticians propose that you eat bananas when trying to lose weight. Starches also are an important constituent of bananas. Now it does not break down but ferments and increases the burning of the fat in the body.

What are the flipsides of the banana and diet? There are no confirmed reports of any benefits. In most cases, people could feel weak as they have fewer calories. Women should not be on this diet during their periods. It is always suggested that we take various types of food and bananas are incapable of providing all the nourishment we need.


There are a lot of fad diets that are currently in vogue. The banana diet weight loss is one among them. People mostly come across this over the internet. Primarily, these diet routines are not backed up by proper research. It is always suggested to take expert advice before going on this diet. Even if you do, you should not stretch more than four days.