Primal Diet

primal diet

All of us can’t help but think of the kind of diet that our ancestors used to follow. Our primitive humanoid counterparts used to live only on fruits, raw meat and seeds that they found in the forest. This made them healthy and strong ready to hunt and fight. Does that mean we have to go live in a forest in order to follow their path? You don’t have to worry. We have chalked out the best primal diet for you that you can simply take advantage of sitting right at your home.

Principle Behind Primal Diet

This is a very new concept that scientists are exploring at the moment. So, no concrete information is available on this. However, it is a known fact that in order to achieve success in the primal diet plan, you need to strictly stay away from all those processed food and those that are grown in the farm using any kind of modern techniques.

Early humanoids did not have any kind of idea that grains such as wheat and barley existed and they did not even try to find them. They solely stayed alive by eating raw meat, fruits and veggies found nearby and wildly. This made them consume less amount of sugar.

But modern humanoids are too addicted to processed and baked goodies like hot dogs and loaves of bread. We intake too much sugar for our own good. This has led to innumerable medical conditions in humans.

We can avoid all the trouble by following on our ancestors’ pathway. Let us dig into our paleo primal diet that is sure to help you find peace with yourself.

Foods to Eat and Not Eat While You Are on Primal Diet

First and foremost thing anyone does when they are following a certain diet is to make a list. So, when you want to follow our ancestors, first make an effective and real primal diet food list.

Things You Should Eliminate From Your Diet:

When you are on your way to following what a caveman or paleo man ate, you must actually try to imitate their food style. This means you must strictly stay far away from any processed food and modern-day food like your favorite Oreo or maybe potato finger chips. Not only that, to your surprise, you are not allowed to eat any grains of the modern world. Grains like rice and corn were introduced in the last ten thousand years.

Some of the food items you have got to avoid in order to call your diet a primal one, are:

  • Refined veggie oil
  • Any processed food
  • Artificial sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Every grain in the world including wheat

The main goal of the diet is to completely eliminate all those ingredients that are added in the industrially processed food and those food items that our ancestral cave persons did not eat like wheat and corn. To make your diet even more successful, you must prepare your diet right at your home with your own hands.

Things You Should Add to Your Diet:

It is not easy to follow any kind of diet. You are invariably attracted to some food items that are not included in your plan. You can get attracted to the processed food and risk breaking your dedicated diet. To contain you from doing that, there are some great food items and primal diet recipes that can make your diet totally worth it. Here are some food items that are a must if you are following this diet.

  • Seeds and healthy nuts
  • Veggies and fruits
  • Cheese, raw milk and other fermented dairy products
  • Raw honey as a substitute for sugar
  • The purest form of maple syrup
  • Tasty and healthy fish and meat
  • Quinoa
  • Wild rice
  • Complex carbohydrates that include starchy tubers

The primal diet food list will go on as long as they include veggies, fruits and meat that is gotten by livestock fed with grasses. You can mix up the above ingredients to create a magic recipe.


Sometimes it can turn out to be hard to follow any given diet. There are so many types of diets out there that it can leave you confused. That’s when you leave all your confusions and doubts behind and move forward and take up the caveman’s diet! But, most of us burn with the same questions – What is the primal diet? What principles are involved here? Simply go through this article to find all you need! Say Primal Diet and stay fit!