Diet for Men

diet for men

It is not always that women have to lose weight. Obesity also affects men, and the doctor may request us to lose weight too. We must know that the calorie intake of men and women are not the same. The diet must be balanced to ensure the proper nutrients are absorbed in the body. There should be at least three meals a day along with some snacks in between. The diet for men should include food items like fish, some of the berries, grains along with veggies and nuts and some seeds.

The ones that should be removed from the daily intake are junk food, canned food because it contains preservatives, and along with these, we should avoid meat with a lot of fat and aerated drinks. Veggies like beet have a lot of anti-oxidants. Men should also have probiotics like sauerkraut, and they help to increase the immune system in our gut.

It has been researched that healthy diets for men should include at least 2800 calories of food every day. It is also suggested that men eat food that has lots of fibre. It has lots of benefits and ensures the hunger is managed and also prevents harmful diseases like cancers of the colon and prostate. In this article, we will be discussing some of the diet plans.

Some of the Diet Plans for Men

We will further delve into the plans that could be used by men to lose weight. It is also suggested that a proper workout routine is also followed along with the diet. We will have a short overview of what a healthy diet for men would include. The diet tips for men require us to have veggies and fruits all of around two cups every day for the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

We should also have some whole grains like grains that are refined and whole-grain bread. We should also have some fish through the course of the week. Milk and dairy products are also an essential source of nutrients and should be had in reasonable quantities. Men should include healthy fats in daily intake. It could be nuts and seeds along with avocado. Also, olive oils are a great source of nourishment.

Let us now see what a healthy diet for men could include. The day could be started with eggs as a great source of good fats as well as proteins. We can also have some fish like salmon or some bacon. You must have so much food to ensure you do not feel hungry before lunch and gorge on some junk food that is harmful to your health.

As a small snack, it is good to have bananas with peanut butter. Lunch is when you should be having your full. It is a great time to include some carbs also into the diet. It should be some whole grain stuff than some unhealthy ones. It could be some sandwich with fish like tuna or salmon or some meat like turkey or chicken. Have lots of salads to balance your diet.

In the afternoon, the diets for men could include nuts, popcorn or some low-fat cheese. For dinner, have some food rich in fibre and essential fats. It could be some nuts and their oils along with some fish.  Have a sumptuous dinner with some brown rice and a generous helping of salads. You could also add some meat or fish to have a wholesome dinner.

As most of us would like to have a good lifestyle, we get into a proper workout session. It is also necessary that we follow a strict diet pattern also. There are various such diets, but we will now discuss a plan that can be scheduled for four weeks. The diet requires us to remove sugars from the everyday diet. It also requires us to have a fibre rich diet.

We could have veggies as well as some proteins and healthy fats. This best diet for men also cuts the calorie intake to around 1800 calories every day. Given that you will have a workout session as well, having carbs will provide the glycogen that is needed to fuel your exercise programmes.

We will have a brief overview of this programme. A typical day can start by having some oats along with milk that was skimmed and apple juice. It is best to have strawberries with yoghurt as a snack. Have a grilled chicken sandwich along with salads for lunch.

The afternoon snack can be washed down with a smoothie containing different fruits like raspberries and strawberries. This diet plan for men prescribes that we need to have some proteins for dinner. So, we can have a steak of tuna along with some veggies like mushroom, green beans along with brown rice.

On another day, we can have an omelette made from two eggs for breakfast along with some cheese. The snack could be the same with yoghurt along with some berries. Sardines for lunch along with a toast, is a great option. Have some carrots as an afternoon snack. Again, the good diets for men prescribe are to have some fish for dinner – a salmon is an option, along with brown rice and some beans. 

What Could Be the Best Diet for Men?

This one should not be forced into someone but should instead provide a balanced diet that would provide wholesome food to the person. It would cut down on the harmful intake by removing the sugary content and junk food.

These would require us to take more veggies and whole-grains, along with proteins. The best diets for men would need you to have six square meals a day each of 300 calories. As an alternative, you may have three meals having 600 calories each. 

We will briefly look into some of them. One of them is the paleo diet that removes all processed food and limits the intake to proteins, veggies, nuts and fruits. The day can be started with scrambled eggs in olive oil along with some fruits. You can have some seasonal fruits as a snack. For lunch, it is suggested to have some salads along with the chicken.

To prevent you from staying hungry, have some apples in the afternoon. Finish the day with a turkey breast along with some veggies and berries. Another best diet plan for men is a low carb diet in which people can take proteins like eggs, meat and fish but should stay away from starchy foods. People may find it a problem to stay away from carbs altogether.


When we are on weight losing spree, we go hunting for a suitable diet plan to go alongside the workout regimen. The stricter the workouts, the more is the need to adhere to a proper diet. It serves best to discuss your diet plan with an expert. The diet plan with exercises could vary if you are not in an exercise routine.

We have addressed some healthy diet plan for men which could help you in selecting a dietary regimen for you. We sincerely hope that our readers would have received valuable insights from this article. We would look forward to your comments and suggestions.