Arnold Tricep Workout – Tips from Schwarzenegger

arnold tricep workout

Arnold tricep workout – hands extension at an angle.

Inventory: a bench, dumbbells.

The main muscles: triceps, rear deltoid.

Additional muscles: latissimus dorsi

Stabilizing muscles:

  • The torso: abdominal muscles, erector spinae muscles, lower back.
  • The shoulder joints: The rear part of the deltoid, rotator cuff muscles, shoulder and latissimus dorsi.
  • Shoulders: serratus anterior muscle, rhomboid muscle, the lower and middle parts of the trapezius muscle.
  • Forearm: flexors and extensors of the wrist.

The main condition for the right hand with a dumbbell extension – standing position of the elbow. The main loading is on the triceps.

Step 1. Lie on your one hand and knee on a bench. Second Hand with dumbbell bent at the elbow. Arm parallel to the floor. Back straight.

Step 2. Hold the elbow stationary, slowly straighten the arm with dumbbell.

Step 3. Slowly return the arm with a dumbbell to the starting position.

Tips for Arnold triceps workout at gym with dumbbells:

  • To effectively carry out this exercise requires a stable training bench. Do not hump and be rounded shoulders. Use a mirror, making sure of the quality of the art movements.
  • All parts of the body except the bottom of the working hand should remain stationary; spine – in the neutral position.
  • Inhale while moving down, exhale – you move up.
  • Keep the expanded chest, not round up or drop the shoulders and hips.
  • Do not immerse or enjoyed an elbow to the side. The upper part of the working hands when performing exercises must be stationary.
  • The higher the raised arm and the greater the degree of extension arms in the shoulder joint, the more difficult the exercise.
  • Perform a slow, controlled movement, and do not use the force of inertia.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger tricep workout routine , you can also use the position to focus not on the bench and on the leg bent at the knee. Perform each exercise at a moderate pace, do not throw the dumbbell up.