Best Back Exercises in Gym with Ronnie Coleman

best back exercises in gym

Pull-ups – this one of the best back exercises in gym with Ronnie Coleman, often performed on the bar; working groups of muscles: the complex arm muscles (primarily the biceps, forearms) and the back (lats). The wider the grip hands behind the bar, the greater the burden placed on the latissimus dorsi; the narrower the grip – the greater the burden placed on the biceps.

When tightened, touching the back of the head kick, the latissimus muscles are stretched in width. And if you catch up, touching his chin, the widest stretch more in thickness. In a narrow grip, palms to him, an additional load gets lower part of the lats, which is in the waist area.

And what to do if you can not catch up even once? In this case, you need appropriate training program or perform special bringing
best exercises for men in gym. It is important to remember that correctly completed tightening involves mostly work the back muscles, not biceps and other muscles in the arms.

The supply of the exercise in gym for back:

  • Pulling on the lowest rung.
  • Tightening to lower amplitude.
  • Pulling up with a partner.
  • Tightening with plaits.

Main Pull-up Techniques Exercises in Gym with Ronnie Coleman

Grasp the top horizontal bar grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Hang on a crossbeam. Next, tighten, at the same time try to touch the upper part of the chest rising. Pause for a second at the top point of amplitude, then slowly return to starting position.

The wider use in the tightening grip, the more involved in the work of round muscles that give back extension. Enough to pull to be with the palms away from you. If possible, make better use of a stable bench or some other stand, the height of which is adjusted so that the beam was at chest level. Hold the bar, go down from the bench, bend your knees and slowly descend to the lowest point, providing maximum stretch the upper back.

Before you get up, pause for 2-3 seconds to latissimus properly stretched before the stress. Pull-ups should be performed until the moment when the crossbar is not at the level of the upper chest. The exact pull-up technique, see the best back workout mass building exercises in gym with Ronnie Coleman video.