Great Ab Workouts at the Gym with Brendan Meyers

Great Ab Workouts at the Gym with Brendan Meyers

This is the great ab workouts at the gym with Brendan Meyers!

  • Twisting on a bench with a downward slope.

Involved muscles: study of the upper part of the press.

Technique: for this exercise will require an incline bench. Lie back on the bench, bend your knees and move your feet under stress. Hands under his head, elbows dissolve in hand. Effort of the abdominal muscles begin to lift the upper body and pull it to the pelvis.

  • Twisting on the block and great ab workouts at gym with Brendan Meyers.

Involved muscles: study of the press, for stimulating muscle growth.

Technique: select weight with which you will do 20 – 25 repetitions. Kneel facing the block device, grasp the handle unit and start to pull it down while bending to the floor. The abdominal muscles must be in constant tension. Slowly return to starting position.

  • Lateral twisting.

Involved muscles: study of the oblique abdominal muscles. This activity is well suited to make a narrower waist.

Technique: lie sideways on the bench so that part of the body above the waist appeared over the edge, and you can freely bend the body up and down. Ask someone to hold your feet during exercise. Bending at the waist, slowly lower into the lower position and slowly rise to its original position.

Besides this exercise can be done on the floor, lying on his side with his elbow resting on the floor, begin to raise and lower pelvis.

Reverse crunch suggest growth is not the body, and legs.

Technique of a great ab workouts in the gym: lie on the floor and stretch your arms at your sides, or if you perform this exercise on a bench, grab the edge of the hands, as shown in the figure. Bend your knees and lift your hips up as long as they do not occupy a position perpendicular to the floor. Effort of the abdominal muscles, pull your knees toward your chest. At the top of the knees exercises should be as close to the chest and pelvis must be completely raised above the floor, at the same time try not to straighten the legs, do not perform reverse twisting by the thigh muscles.