Great Ab Workouts lvl 2 for Men and Women

Great Abs Workout lvl 2 for Men and Women

Twisting – basic great ab workouts lvl 2 for men and women, particularly the abs muscle. This twisting exercise with or without weights is one of the key exercises to create a relief abs.

An important point in the training press – is the number of repetitions. To press this number depends on the goals. If you want to burn excess fat, then do not use weights and follow the set to failure. If you want to stimulate the growth of abdominal muscles – use weights, and number of repetitions should be about 20. Necessary to alternate the first and second approaches from one class to another for the formation of relief.

No need to be unbent too much during twists – this will help stretch the abdominal muscles, and thus reduce the tone of the anterior abdominal wall.

Types of Twists

  • Twisting on the floor is great ab workouts at home.

Involved muscles: the rectus abdominis, cranial part, in other words “top news” is good for burning fat.

This option is the most common type involves twisting all the abdominal muscles and is great lower ab workouts. On the lower back at the same time lays down minimum load.

Technique: lie on the floor face up, bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, enclose hands behind your head, elbows dissolve in hand. Effort of the abdominal muscles begin to rise (not jerk) shoulder girdle from the floor towards the pelvis. From the top of the slowly return to starting position.

  • Twisting with rotation.

Involved muscles: abdominal lines (mostly upper part) with an emphasis on the obliques.

Technique: effort abdominal muscles lift your shoulders off the floor and lift the body towards the feet, but do not try to touch the thighs or stomach forehead. Along with the rise of slightly rotate the torso to the right. Next repetition make a turn to the left.

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