4 Min Abs Workout for Men and Women

4 Min Abs Workout for Men and Women

Twisting-bike. Classic curling efficiency, but rather complex exercise. He pumped both longitudinal and obliques. So it’s good exercise to start 4 min abs workout for men and women.

I would like to warn those who have decided not to read the description, thinking that will focus on the well-known from school “bicycle”. It is a completely different exercise and effectiveness of “bicycle” in its soviet sense has long put doctors and fitness instructors questioned.

Twists starting position: lie on the floor; hands behind your head; the legs are bent at a right angle; the calves are parallel to the floor. On the exhale, straighten your left leg and right hand, bent at the knee, pull the left elbow. Then slowly adjust status: straighten your right leg, and his left hand to pull the right elbow. The movements you describe your feet, something reminiscent of cycling – hence the name of the exercise.

Drill press for girls. For oblique twists press necessary to keep the press in the static voltage. In addition, try to bend the torso at the waist – then the abdominal muscles will get additional dynamic load.

“Plank”. This static exercise, which helps to improve the terrain while maintaining a slim waist. Get on all fours; from this position, stand on the elbows; the reference point should be the forearms and feet socks. The body should be as straight (do not bend your knees and not “bulge” pelvis). Pull belly and try to hold this position for 40-45 seconds (use a stopwatch).

In the future, you can increase the residence time in the static voltage to a minute or more. This complex of great ab workout for men and women is very important if you want to see your press and be healthy.

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