30 Min of Aerobic Endurance Training Exercises

30 min of aerobic endurance training exercises

30 min of aerobic endurance training exercises – great workout for the cardiovascular system, but if you deal with it properly, can lead to overload: the waist injury, thighs, calves, ankles and feet; sprains, tendonitis, stress fractures. Using the weighting at the ankles, dumbbells or steps may increase the likelihood of injury. Fitness industry, understanding the risks involved, has developed a program with little or no contact proximity. You can now see the section of aerobics, where customers are engaged in standing up to his chest in water.

Look for those sections that are engaged in a special coating that sags a bit in the way. Daily hours of training on a concrete floor – a direct path to trouble. Special sports shoes for aerobics can give you some support and cushioning, as well as help keep the correct position of the feet, but the shoes can not fully compensate for the hardness of the working surface. Carpet does not help.

Suspension system of the foot is amazing, but the constant strikes will be transferred from the foot up to the ankle and back thigh. At first you will feel sick and tired legs foot. But if there is no rest from the constant attacks of the floor, something can get tired too, will then stretch, then fracture.

Sports psychologist Kenneth Cooper is considered the founder of
aerobic training exercises. He belongs to both the name of this type of activity and development of exercises for him. In his book “The New Aerobics», published in 1970, spoke of the benefits of this type of exercise. In addition, it included evidence-based programs such types of aerobic exercise, like jogging, walking and 30 min aerobic endurance training exercises.

Although today aerobic and strength training exercise are not as popular as in the late XX century, it features a large variety of forms to meet all needs.