10 Min of Aerobic Exercise Routine

10 Minute Low Impact Aerobic Exercise Routine

One of the areas of mass physical culture with an adjustable load is 10 min of aerobic exercise routine. Developed a variety of programs that connect the elements of exercise, dance and music.

  • Dancing aerobic exercise routine.

In this form of aerobics, various techniques of modern dance. It is a combination of training for harmonious physical and mental development of students. You can even do this aerobic exercise routine at home. Dance like no other movement that combines the physical and emotional side. Thus, in the course of these activities is realized and is motivated by the need for both physical (coordination, flexibility, strength, lightness, etc.) And mental (self-perception, communication, and others.) Of each occupant.

  • Aerobic step exercises routines.

Dynamic exercise program comprising zashagivanie platform and converging on it with the accompaniment music. The program provides a wide variety of aerobic exercise routine for women and training exercises that develop strength endurance and aerobic. The work performed by the feet, is not complicated, and the movements are natural as walking up the stairs. Step aerobics – is the kind of training that affects the entire body, the implementation of which at the same time effectively and fun for all participants, regardless of their training.

  • Fitness aerobic exercise routine.

It rapidly growing sport, the first competition which was held in the US in 1990. Sport aerobics is recognized as an official sport discipline of the International Federation of aerobics (IAF), a member of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

  • Applied aerobic exercise routine.

It has spread as an additional tool in the training of athletes of other sports, as well as physical therapy and a variety of recreational activities.