Aerobics Workout at Home – One of the Best

Aerobics Workout at Home - One of the Best

Warm-up before aerobics workout at home. Any aerobic exercise starts with a warm-up. During warm-perform exercises designed to warm up the muscles and ligaments. It should be easy to load, because the body can not load dramatically. Workout lasts 2 to 20 minutes, depending on the type of aerobic exercise. Warm-up can not be neglected – it leads strains and sprains, as well as damage to the joints.

Aerobic phase of aerobic workouts at home. The bulk of the aerobics classes. Type depends on the type of exercise training. They are completely different. But there are a few guidelines that must be followed during all aerobic exercise: do not do what you can not fulfill. Do not exceed the permissible load. To carry out the load, which will ensure your heart rate 65-80% of maximum. The maximum frequency of the SS is calculated by a special formula which takes into account age, gender, height, weight, man. Phase duration not less than 20 minutes.

Power phase of 10 minute cardio aerobic exercise workout at home. Another essential part of the training of aerobics. Aimed at strengthening the muscles, bones, joints. And also on the development of flexibility. Length – at least 10 minutes. During this phase, you can perform the exercises with weights or power exercises.

Cardio aerobic exercise workout at home is necessary to complete lowering of load and intensity exercise. With this heart rate gradually reduced and organisms do not experience stress. Immediately after training allowed: stand on the spot; sit.