Ab Workouts for Women at Home

Ab Workouts for Women at Home

Please you: a beautiful and cherished the press blocks are at all. They are just hidden under a layer of belly fat. Deal with it helps proper nutrition and simple but very effective complex of ab workouts for women at home.

If your goal – a thin waist and flat stomach, first of all think about nutrition. The most important thing – to eliminate fried, fatty, sweet, flour. And salt and spices sometimes can be a little soy sauce with a minimum of salt and natural ketchup or tomato paste. The portions of food should not be too large, but do not need to go hungry: if you are malnourished disturbed metabolism, and swelling will begin, as they say, “to swell with hunger.”

Many athletes are aiming to build up your abdominal muscles, increase them in bulk. In this case, need complex exercises – leg lowering or raising the legs lying in a vise. But for most people to achieve a beautiful relief press is enough to do light exercise for the press at home with a lot of repetitions. Working in the press, we burn fat tissue, not only in the abdominal area, and throughout the body. Exercises for the press in general are unique in that they involve a number of zones: the body, hands and feet.

How to Train The Press

Pay too much attention to the press does not need to, if engaged, for example, for an hour a day doing ab workout for women at home no equipment. It is enough for 15-20 minutes a day, and exercises for the press can be performed both before and during and after exercise. And just advise newcomers to choose a couple of light exercise and do the minimum number of repetitions in the two approaches in a day. From the second week, you can increase the load, listening to their feelings.

There is another good exercise for the press – at home, on the street or in the office, you can do it constantly and completely transparent. Although there is still someone finally noticed that you became slim and exactly hold back. The fact is that when you straighten your posture, the stomach automatically retracts. Exercise just is to straighten the spine and keep the belly slightly tucked up. If you will not forget about it, very soon you will be pleased with the results!

Exercises for the press and the principles of training for men and women are no different. But the goals are different. For men, it is desired that the cubes were indeed, but the women would be better if they were not. If drawn on her stomach two vertical strips and even a horizontal top – that’s fine. But if you can see not only the top two cubes, but the rest – it means you have overdone. When a woman is committed to the dried male press, it may disrupt the balance of fat, and it entails a threat to the reproductive function and the failure of other metabolic processes. In addition, all six dice a woman – it is not aesthetically pleasing, and many with me in this consent.

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