Good Ab Workouts at Home

Good Ab Workouts at Home

The study of working abs muscle was conducted at the University of California in Sacramento. 21 athletes perform lifting legs to the bar in the vise on the bar, flexion and extension of the housing on the roller, the body rise on an incline bench, twisting in the supine position and lifting the body from the supine position with the knees bent. The result of a good ab workouts at home: the greatest exertion of all the muscles of the abdomen produces work with a roller. The second is to raise the efficiency of the legs to the crossbeam.

The difference between these two exercises is that the rise in the leg vise involves a greater degree obliques and roller makes move abs muscles. We offer you a table with the results of electromyography data. People often ask what are good ab workouts at home? But training program for abdominal muscles depends on your goals, the degree of subcutaneous fat and muscle. It must be remembered that the relief can be obtained only if the thickness of the fat folds on the stomach than 1.5 – 1 cm.

Good ab workout at home should be aimed at two objectives:

  • The reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Local, local fat burning – it’s a long-standing, but a common myth. Fat is burned (with rare exceptions) predominantly throughout the body at once. If the thickness of the fat folds more than 2 – 3 cm, you need to burn off the excess fat of the body as a whole but not only doing good ab workout for men at home. To burn fat help of aerobic exercise and fat burners. Aerobic exercise is best done in the days between strength training.

  • Hypertrophy of the muscles.

In other words, an increase in press dice. The number of repetitions in a good ab workouts at home woman under normal circumstances should not be higher than 15 times, if you exercise the maximum hypertrophy, not endurance. Use weights, to the last repetition were relinquished. Workout theoretically no different from training other muscles, therefore guided by the same principles in its training, as for the other muscles.

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