Medicine Ball Ab Workout for Women

Medicine Ball Abs Workout for Women Abs Obliques

At all times, women and girls tend to look most attractive. Anything goes: makeup, nice clothes, diet, exercise (for example medicine ball ab workout for women), in which you can pump up the press as a girl at home, and make a figure slender and muscled belly and flat. As you know, the muscles in the abdomen are divided into upper, lower and oblique.

Before training stomach must be empty. Otherwise prevent discomfort and nausea. Yes, and pump up the press harder on a full stomach. Therefore, it is better not to train earlier than two hours after a meal, and not later than two hours before bedtime. The most optimal conditions for employment – a smooth rigid base. From soft little help, moreover, there is a risk to injure the spine. Each exercise should be performed no more than 15 times (repetitions). This is the optimal amount above which fatigue occurs, and stops the growth of sports results. It is not necessary to practice every day, but necessary to choose best ab workouts with medicine ball for yourself.

An important rule of any training – alternating loads and optimum relaxation to the body time to recuperate. In the case of too frequent inflation will accumulate muscle fatigue. The most optimal mode of employment – a day that is three times a week. In the critical days and another two days after the deal not worth it.

As a Girl, Pump Up The Press at Home

Before you pump up muscles, you need to warm up. For this fit any intense physical activity. You can run in place, jump, run at an accelerated pace morning exercises, aerobics, some movement. Also you can start your training with ab workout medicine ball side to side. To properly inflate your abdominal muscles, you need to go to the tourist rug. Of course, the room should be no drafts. In order not to chill the kidneys, be sure to close the window, open during the warm-up.

At home inflating press results obtained by girls can be optimally adjusted, as desired by increasing or decreasing the load on the corresponding muscle groups. Strengthening the upper press legs bent, hands behind his head. It is necessary to lift the shoulders, shoulder blades – but not the waist! – To the knees. The exhalation is done by bending the torso.

Exercise for lower inflation lifting of the press in performing leg extensions, to touch them with your fingers the floor above your head. Both hands are closed at the back. While the fitness of low, to reduce the load, you can lift the bent leg. Exhale on the rise. To further facilitate the implementation, during inflation can go head closer to the couch or bed, to be able to stick to its edge.

Train oblique abdominal muscles bend your knees, feet on the floor. Disengage blades, try to reach out a hand to one heel first, then to another. Exhale while lifting the torso. Another exercise for the oblique muscles – raise your legs up and lower them alternately to one and then the other side perpendicular to the torso.

Other exercises girls inflating press house “Bicycle” on the weight to turn imaginary pedal. The abdominal muscles are tense, so at the end it is necessary to give them two or three-minute rest. “Touch shoulders”: lying on your back, try to touch your knees shoulder or chest. Run 15 times. When given enough rest. “Reach up to the knees”: locate foot taller, putting them on a roller or on the sofa. Fold in the back, trying to reach his knees.

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