10 Min Intense Lower Abs Workouts

10 Min Intense Lower Abs Workouts

Classic twist is good exercise to start 10 min intense lower abs workouts – the position of lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head. The upper part of the body is lifted by 20-30 centimeters from the floor, in such a situation freezes for 3 seconds. Make 2 sets of 15 movements.

In lower abs workouts for women often use ball for heavier loads. Deflections – prone position, legs extended, hands clasped behind his back. Lift the upper body, taking it as high as possible off the floor, fixing, making 5 slow breaths. 2 sets of 10 movements.

Raising the legs in the supine position is main in complex of lower abs workouts for men – power exercises to pump the press performed lying on your back straight, legs outstretched. Legs slowly lifted the top, becoming perpendicular to the floor. 1 set of 10 movements.

Lower press accordion – exercise is done sitting, legs straight forward. Slowly we raise them off the floor of 20-30 cm, fix a few seconds, then pulled up to his chest. 2 sets of 15 movements.

Steps to weight – lying position, legs extended, hands behind his head. Lift the legs at 45 degrees from the floor and quickly make “stepping” movement. 1 set of 35 “steps” on the leg.

The rise of the legs and pelvis in the prone position – lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Power abdominal muscles to raise a basin, straighten your legs over your head. 1 set of 25 movements.

Side Press (Obliques)

Straighten legs – exercise is performed lying on your back in half-sitting position, legs in the air, bent at the knees so that the calves are parallel to the floor. Alternately pull one leg and hold in this position a few seconds. 2 sets of 15 movements.

Tilts from side to side – standing rhythmically lean in the right and left. For additional load can use dumbbells. 3 sets of 30 on each side of the slopes.

Lateral twist – supine position, legs bent at the knees and pulled up to his chest. Hold the upper body motionless, legs bent toss from side to side the power of the press. 3 sets of 30 movements.

“Scissors” – lying on the side, legs extended and raised to 30 cm from the floor. Straight legs carry primaries intersecting traffic. 2 sets of 30 movements.

Big misled many women is that they think that the exercises on the side (oblique workout) abdominal muscles visually make the waist narrower than your hips. On the contrary, the developed lateral muscles make wider waist and a figure more direct.

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