Dumbbells Workout at Home for Biceps

dumbbells workout at home for biceps

Start your dumbbells workout at home for biceps with aerobic training. The most affordable and best option – run, in addition you can go swimming, brisk walking, aerobics, etc. During this period, you can practice every day, it is better in the morning. Before each exercise do a thorough warm-up, try to stretch all the major muscles to perform movements in the major joints with the maximum amplitude. Do not make any sudden movements. The purpose of the warm-up – increased joint mobility, improve the nutrition of muscles and ligaments.

During the first stage you need to develop tolerance of the body to stress, to prepare them for high intensity strength training. If you are fond of some sports (football, basketball, volleyball and so on) and systematically subjected to physical stress, you can skip this step. The average duration of the first phase of 2-4 weeks. Before the first occupation of strength training make a break for 2-3 days to give the body time to recover.

Doing biceps workout at home with dumbbells for beginners please remember about:

  • Before starting any exercise you should do a warm-up for 10 minutes. The purpose of the warm-up: to raise the heart rate, improve blood circulation of tissues, tendons develop, raise the tone of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Use the exercises in the curb weight.
  • Perform each exercise begins with a warm-up set: 10 reps with 50% of the operating weight.
  • Each exercise includes about 3 sets and 10-15 repetitions. Do not be surprised a high repetition rate. Training program for beginners is aimed not so much on the stimulation of muscles to growth as to their preparation. With the first power load is necessary to achieve supercompensation in glycogen metabolism, and this requires a greater number of repetitions. Any individual muscles (calf press) that require an even larger number of matches (20).
  • On the implementation of each approach should leave for 30-60 seconds. This period is optimal for strength training. • Keep track of heart rate during best dumbbell workout for biceps at home. The optimal pulse interval of 100-140 beats per minute. If the pulse is less likely that the training intensity is too low when the pulse often necessary to reduce the intensity.