Exercises for Chest with Dumbbells Without Bench

exercises for chest with dumbbells without bench

Let’s do home exercises for chest with dumbbells without bench! The purpose of home exercises for chest – weight gain of the pectoral muscles.

This complex can be done not only by men but it is good chest exercises for women with dumbbells. Women just need to use lighter dumbbells for exercises.

Performance. Lie on your back on a bench standing horizontally. Lift the dumbbells over him on the straight hands so that the palms were facing each other. Lower the dumbbells in a wide arc to the sides and as low as possible, feeling the ultimate tensile pectoral muscles completely stop the movement. Then lift the dumbbells along the same path, not just trying to squeeze them up and making a motion as if you want someone to hug. Returning the dumbbells to the starting position, cut the breast muscles as much as possible, to give them an additional burden.

Due to this, they will work even harder. These home chest exercises for men with dumbbells can be done on an incline bench. In this case, the angle of inclination is 30-45°. When performing exercises palm must be constantly facing each other. To reduce the load on the elbows, arms slightly bent recommended.