Mass Building Bicep Workout – No Excuses

Mass Building Bicep Workout - No Excuses

So, let’s look at the best, most effective and commonly used by leading athletes mass building bicep workout. Options exercise very much: it is alternately lifting dumbbell and barbell curls, the same bending, but on the bench by Scott. Throw all sorts of bending machines, such as “Hammer” on the blocks, and so on. D. Despite this diversity, the athletes are looking more and more options for exercise for the hands.

Best Biceps Exercises

  • Raising the bar on a biceps standing.

This is an exercise for the hands from the category of basic, classic, and includes training programs biceps bodybuilders without exception, both amateurs and professionals. Raising the rod loads perfectly all biceps and provides a full range of motion.

Take post undergrip shoulder width apart. The starting position is the neck near the hips. Taking a deep breath and hold it, bend your elbows, lifting the barbell to the shoulders. At the top of linger and tighten the biceps, then slowly lower the bar under control and down to the starting position. Since this exercise on your hands is the base, use a lot of weight, but without prejudice to art. In no case do not throw down the bar, and lower it slowly and pay close attention to the last section of the movement. In the last few reps set allowed a slight “cheating”.

  • Alternately lifting dumbbells for biceps with supination.

Why did this exercise on your hands need to carry it with supination? Because supination activates the biceps throughout as bodybuilding exercise is considered one of the drum means to develop the biceps and other flexors of the elbow joint. Exercise your hands performed as standing and sitting on the edge of a flat bench. Still, the best option, I think the rise on the bench with backrest tilted at an angle of 60º (at 30º is less direct). Under this option, the biceps more than an opportunity to stretch at the bottom, and his long head gets more powerful load. If the back bench is set at a right angle, the exercise does not differ from lifting barbell biceps standing.

I would recommend this muscle building bicep workout in the alternate and synchronous versions. Alternately lifting allows better focus on the biceps. No need to turn the lifting dumbbells in strength training. Your main goal – not just raise the dumbbell set number of times, and each time flawlessly perform supination! Elbows hold strictly to the sides of the torso. When the elbows are moved forward, the movement becomes easier to perform, but it is, at the same time, loses its effectiveness.

  • Raising the bar for biceps on the bench by Scott.

A fantastic bicep building workout! But to implement it, I would recommend only EZ-bar. Straight neck causes unnatural turn out of hand and wrist pain occurs fairly rapidly. Also, quickly tired forearms and hands unclenched themselves. This exercise aims to hand on the lower part of the biceps. It is essential that you are rested his elbows on the upper third of the bench and did not go to her breast. For only then the maximum amplitude is obtained.

  • Raising dumbbell for biceps on the bench.

In the lower position unbend your hands thoroughly, and then, raising the bar to a chin, an effort of minimize biceps. This additional reduction biceps necessarily in each repetition! Do not use in bicep building workouts too much weight. Hands are located in such a position that the biceps can be easily hurt, so that “cheating” is excluded.