High Volume Delts and Triceps Workout

delts and triceps workout

If you have not thought about high volume delts and triceps workout, it does not mean that you were right and it does not need to train. Indeed, watching the efforts of athletes in gyms, it seems that no one wants! Skim through the eyes of most of the programs running, you notice that the triceps receive little or no attention, and the biceps is in the center.

So what’s a bodybuilder to do? In this article you will find answers to these questions, you learn a lot about the anatomy of the hand, read the secrets of the best exercises to get training for a super beautiful high volume delts & triceps training!

  • Operating delts and triceps workout.

If triceps worked properly, it makes up most of the mass of the upper arm. Triceps must be prepared and developed as intensively and methodically as the biceps. The spectacular development of hands – is the biceps and triceps. As an antagonist of the biceps exercises, delts and triceps workout actually indirectly helps in the elaboration and strengthening of the biceps, creating more blood flow and nutrients to the upper arm.

Work through the triceps from all sides, using a variety of exercises and the right amount of volume to get an impressive and elegant hands. Well pumped tearing shirt horseshoe triceps make any hand harmonious, proportional and huge.

Large and small number of repetitions, exercises for all muscle isolation exercises, the amount of training and selection of the angle – all this must be taken into account in the training program. Using the right equipment and intensity, anyone can raise triceps development to a higher level. So throw all the cases for a few minutes and read to you previously unknown story of huge hands!

How to Build Your Triceps?

Triceps muscle has three heads that connect the humerus and scapula with ulna (forearm). Side, medium and long head of the triceps make up.

The head, which is most responsible for the shape of a horseshoe – side, it is on the outside of the humerus. The average head is located opposite the middle part of the body, and the long head (the largest of the three) is present on the lower side of the humerus.

The straightening of the elbow (extension of the arms) is the main function of the triceps. The long head has an auxiliary function: it helps the latissimus dorsi muscle in bringing hands (resulting in the hands can be folded down along the body).

Now that you know a little bit about the anatomy and function, let’s delve into the knowledge that creates outstanding triceps. Presented exercises and training designed to get the most out of each trip to the gym. Remember to always do the exercises in a technically correct and not to use too much weight for your safety.

Triceps workout – extensions on the block. Program for pumping triceps would be incomplete without this extension on the block. Carried out with the direct signature stamp, stamp v-shaped or rope, exercise is invaluable for achieving the much desired “cuts” when properly executed. Stand in front of a simulator with a vertical cable, feet shoulder width apart.

Take the equipment chosen by direct grip on top, elbows at your sides. Keep your shoulders fixed, lower neck or down the rope towards the top of the hips and straighten your arms until completely cut high volume delts & triceps training.

By controlling the movement back to the original position (make sure to use the full range of motion), elbows remain pressed against the sides. It is important to keep the correct posture during exercise, avoiding bending your back. Stay straight and stable. You can try to cheat by imagining that you are lowering the weight of the wall behind him, not straight down. This will allow you not to use too much weight.

Also, try different types of grip. Straight neck will underline the great inner long head and any movement with the thumbs up as a cable under tension, there are more large pump head of the triceps.

Council: to minimize weight without much try to reverse grip extension using the EZ-vulture. You will have to use a little less weight, but the reduction will be death! Take the neck, as if you are going to do with bending the EZ-stamp (thumbs are located above the little finger) and lower it down as if to perform normal extension.

Want More Exercises for High Volume Delts & Triceps Training?

  • French press: lying and sitting.

Grandfather exercises for the triceps is the French bench. Just lie down on a horizontal bench with a straight bar or EZ-stamped, and raise the weight directly over the upper part of the body with fixed arms. Bend arms at the shoulder joint a little back to the head while keeping your elbows in a fixed state.

This will create a constant tension on the triceps. To start the movement, bend elbows and only lower the bar to the top of the head, constantly keeping your elbows bent. Stop the neck at a distance of 3 cm above the head, and then do the reverse movement, straighten your arms again.

For the French bench sitting and standing, stand, or sit down with the weight directly overhead and lower it under control to a strong stretching. Be sure to keep your elbows a little bit of the up and divorced in hand. Not worth much to place your hands, just make sure they are not too tilted to the side. Once you reach the bottom of the exercise, do the reverse movement and straighten his arms over his head again.

Council: to add some fun to your workout, try to perform the same movement on the incline bench. You can use a little less weight on the bench tilted down, and a little more weight on the bench, rises. Change the angle of each exercise for a change and for greater pumping triceps. This is the real high volume delts & triceps training for your body.