Victoria Secret Models’ Diet

victoria secret models' diet

You turn on the TV, and the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on. You can’t help but wonder, what could be in a Victoria secret models’ diet for them to have such a gorgeous body? While the society wants to be more accepting of all body types, it doesn’t hurt to desire for that hourglass physique that looks awesome in a bikini or any tight-fitting dress, for that matter. A well-proportioned body may also be associated with an active lifestyle, which can mean a healthier body. Therefore, one may want to know what their diet looks like, so they can improve their physical appearance like these models and, at the same time, make what’s inside healthier.

What It Takes to be a Victoria’s Secret Model?

As you may have already guessed, getting qualified as a Victoria’s Secret model isn’t easy. The basic requirements include being within the age limit of 18-30 years old, having a healthy body and a great shaped figure, possessing a slim build with vital statistics of around 34-24-34, and stand at about 5-foot 8 inches to 6 feet tall. Some of the requirements will have to be inborn; others can be achieved through dedication and hard work. If your target is to have the vital statistics of this caliber of models, then, you want to start engaging in their workout and the Victoria secret model diet plan.

Working Out and Having Diet Like Victoria Secret Models’

If you’d like to have a body that kills in a runway, diet just may not be enough. Models nowadays are toned (not just slim), so it is obvious that they work out a lot. To achieve such toned shoulders, you want to have a mix of workout regimens. For one, the model Georgina Fowler does boxing and engages in various strength workouts. She also does Pilates and circuit workouts. The trick, she said, to get your self to workout after work is to bring your exercise outfit when you leave the house, so you won’t have an excuse to skip the gym.

A Victoria secret model diet has a mix of protein-rich food choices. They also ingest fatty foods, but the fat will have to be good fat or will have to come from fruits and vegetable sources. Their limit of fat is about two servings, and their fat sources are coconut oil, avocado scoops, butter, and olive oil.

The protein sources in a Victoria secret models diet that are incorporated in every meal are lean meat; these include chicken, fish, beef, or eggs. These are needed to strengthen their muscles and make them look leaner. As for the restrictions, they are not allowed to consume dairies and gluten-filled food choices. They are also not allowed to eat tubers like potatoes or crops like cassava. Of course, they cannot consume any sugary treats, even some fruits that are high in them. However, they are permitted to munch on berries from time to time.

The models have a limit of 1300 calories only per day. As they say, if you want to lose weight, burn more than what you consume. So, to get to their level of physique, they consume less and workout more. They also start their morning exercise routines in an empty stomach, allowing just black coffee or water before they get into the workouts. The models also have to cease eating by 6 o’clock in the evening and may not drink up with any type of alcoholic beverage. True enough, the Victorias secret model diet requires discipline and determination.


 Many people want to have a great body to flaunt. Some want to make their bodies healthier, so they can live longer. If you would like to lose weight and, at the same time, feel healthier in and out, then you can try this diet. It’s balanced, and it doesn’t go to the extreme.

You just have to select your food well to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients from healthy protein and fat sources. From time to time, you may also get small helpings of carbohydrate sources, like brown or black rice, or sweet potato.

However, if you are to get into this diet, you have to make sure that you stick to it. You may also want to combine it with physical activity to multiply the positive effects. More importantly, you must do the diet for your self and not to please others. After all, models possess confidence, and if you do, then you are a model in your own way.