Workout of the Day

workout of the day

As the air gets more polluted and the increased pressure at work, more and more people are turning to the gyms. Some of the people prefer to stay at home and do their workouts. The internet makes it easy for them to browse through videos of such workout sessions and do it themselves. One such website is Crossfit that provides a daily challenge in the name of workout of the day that is published on the website. It has become popular and has many followers. One major point is that the website has taken inputs from sportspeople and enthusiasts before coming up with these sessions.

The Toughest Workouts

The workout sessions from Crossfit are well known for the challenges they put up even for the experienced enthusiasts of fitness. While most of the Crossfit workout of the day will need an apparatus, some of them can also be done at home. Let us talk about some of these to know more about them.

What is the filthy 50? If any person is able to complete this test, they are among the real enthusiasts of the Crossfit workouts. The person will be required to do ten different workouts, and each of them to be done fifty times. The workouts that are required to be performed include the following: box jumps, jumping pullups, kettlebell swings, walking lunge steps, knees to elbows, push press with 45 pounds, back extensions, wallballs using a 20-pound ball, burpees and, finally, double-unders.

Let us talk about the Murph. Another tough Crossfit workouts of the day is known as the Murph. This workout session requires the person to run a mile. After running, the person is required to do a hundred pull ups then two hundred more push-ups. It does not end here as the person has to do three hundred squats and then run another mile. This very tough session needs to be done in forty-five minutes.

Some More About Workout of the Day

The exercises that are required for beginners are not the same as those for the athletes. We will now talk about a Crossfit workout of the day for beginners.

At home, the person can also go for the burpees and pull ups. As a first round, the person has to do ten burpees, but only one pull up will do. Then, in the next round onwards, the burpees decrease by one and the times the person has to do pull ups will increase by one.

This one requires the person to do air squats, sit ups and push-ups. These are to be followed by ring rows and burpees. The person has to repeat each of these ten times for three rounds. The intensity to do the exercises has to be very high. It is also among the tough workout of the day at home.

While it may seem to people that it is all about workouts, the website places great emphasis on good and nutritious food. It is because it is the nutrients that will provide the energy after a tough workout.


In this article, we had been talking about the workout of the day Crossfit. The website puts up videos of the challenges for the day. People can go for a shortened version if they find the original videos of the sessions too much for them. It is best to have the habit of doing exercises. It will keep the person healthy. We hope our readers will now have more know-how about these exercises. We will look forward to your comments.