Is Pre Workout Bad for You?

is pre workout bad for you

Nowadays, quite a good number of fitness enthusiasts hit the with pre-workout supplements. The demand for and the usage of these supplements has witnessed a growing curve. However, for the information of these gym lovers, it’s more  important to know whether, is pre workout bad for you? 

Let’s take our time to understand pre workouts. The explanation is that, pre workouts are chemical substances (supplements) which are taken in by gymmers in order to boost their systems. Most users often take in these pre-workout mixtures before they step into the training ground.

You may find it ironical that fitness men who are supposed to be strong, now resort to drugs. C4 is one of the notable brands of these fitness chemical mixtures. But is c4 pre workout bad for you? You will soon find out – you don’t really need to be in hurry.

It’s easy to wish to lose weight or to be fit, but when no action is taken, no weight loss results will be obtained. As far as we know, it’s said that pre workouts provide additional source of energy that enables the trainers to go extra miles in  their excerise journeys. That’s why they are called supplements – they boost the body system for the best performance. This article will enlighten you about about the effects of these gym drugs.

Effects of Pre Workouts

When you carefully examine the chemical composition of America’s popular pre-workout product (C4), one emerges with dark truths. Some ingredients listed on the C4 package are vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, niacin, beta alanine, creatine, caffeine, vitamin B12 etc. The good news is that, the amount of vitamin C, calcium and other ingredients in C4, are within normal dosage levels. In one sense, we could say that their levels are ok for consumption. But don’t forget that C4 is packed with 135 mg of caffeine. Experts think that this caffeine level isn’t safe enough.

When you talk of caffeine, you mostly hear of fast heartbeats. Now tell me, what’s too good about an increased heartbeat?  Caffeine keeps you alert but It also messes with your brain by increasing dopamine levels. High dopamine levels will lower serotonin levels, thereby making you struggle to sleep. Sleeplessness won’t be so fun to a fitness enthusiast. You can now judge for yourself – C4 works well perfectly in boosting energy and whatnots? But is the pre workout C4 bad for you? Well, the probability is high.

It’s also possible to boost your excerise activities by taking in the powerful Psychotic pre-workout. It gives you all the energy to be on top of your game, but does it all come for free? No! There is no such thing as free lunch. Everything (including Psychotic) has consequences. Before we draw premature conclusions, let’s see what Psychotic has got to offer. This product is manufactured by Insane Labz headquartered in Arizona, USA.  Well, you just heard the name “insane”.

These manufacturers boast that Psychotic elevates energy, improves cognitive actions, boosts focus, charges strength and maximizes performance. That sounds interesting, but is Psychotic pre workout bad for you? Psychotic comes loaded with tons of stimulants, all geared towards building up energy. When you break down the Psychotic ingredients, fishy facts hit your face.

With the exception of Caffeine and Beta alanine, Psychotic has missed a lot of essential pre-workout ingredients. Worse of all, users have reported real side effects such as stomach pains, nausea, headache and so on. At a point in time, the Canadian government reportedly cautioned people against the patronage of Psychotic, citing health risks (related to high caffeine levels).


So why is pre workout bad for you? It’s not totally bad – pre-workouts come with a lot of promises. Some brands really deliver all the boosting stuff and so on. But in the long run, you may have to be very careful with how you endulge yourself in these boosters. Obviously, their side effects won’t be your best friend. If you can hit the gym naturally (devoid of supplements), try to do that.

Addiction to pre-workouts will destroy you and also empty your packet. However, if you can’t stay away completely, then limit the intake.